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#HappyatRunwalGreens - Happy Customer

Runwal Greens - Testimonials

#HappyatRunwalGreens - The Ahuja Family

Runwal Greens - Ahuja's Testimonial

#HappyatRunwalGreens - Mr. Deepak Vibhute

Runwal Greens - Deepak Vibhute

#HappyatRunwalGreens - Mr . Deepak Manek

#HappyatRunwalGreens – Mr. Devang Shah

Runwal Greens - Testimonial 2

#HappyatRunwalGreens – Mrs. Tejal Waradkar

Runwal Greens - Testimonial 3

Runwal Greens Diaries - Christmas Carnival

Runwal Greens Diaries – Mr. & Mrs. Patil

Location, quality & reputation of Runwal Group area a few things the Patil family considered before booking a home in Runwal Greens. Watch this video to know more about the award winning Runwal Greens.  
Runwal Greens Diaries – Mr & Mrs. Patil

Mr. Patil talks about the positive changes he has experienced in his life since he has bought a home in Runwal Greens. He also talks about the first Diwali in his new home. Watch this video to know more.
Runwal Greens Diaries – Mr. & Mrs. Thakkar

Describing Runwal Greens as a beautiful project, Mr. Thakkar praises the lifestyle and amenities at Runwal Greens. Watch this video to know more about this project.
Runwal Greens Diaries – Mr. & Mrs. Thakkar

 Mrs Thakkar praises the peaceful ambience at Runwal Greens. She further states that this project has added happiness to Thakkars’ lives and they are enjoying their life at Runwal Greens. Find out more in this video.
Runwal Greens Diaries – The Manek Family

Describing Runwal Greens as one of the most beautiful projects, Mrs Manek says that she liked this project at the very first glance. She praises the convenience offered by this project. Watch this video to know more.
Runwal Greens Diaries – The Manek Family

The Manek family is enjoying their life amid like-minded neighbours at Runwal Greens. Mrs Manek feels that coming together & celebrating festivals such as Diwali & Navratri, are two of her most memorable moments yet at Runwal Greens.
Runwal Greens Diaries – The Bhanushali Family

Runwal Greens’ prime location was the main reason the Bhanushalis decided to book a home here. And now that are here, they are in love with the plenty of open spaces and amenities in this project. Watch this video to know more.
Runwal Greens Diaries – The Bhanushali Family

The Bhanushalis – one of the first residents at Runwal Greens talk about their life at Runwal Greens. They say that the experience at Runwal Greens has been great so far and they enjoy celebrating festivals with like-minded neighbours.

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